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Nov 20

Eti – A History Of Taste

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eti has always been a leading innovator in providing better products to the public. Eti was the creator of Turkey’s first digestive biscuits, ready-made toast, gluten-free biscuits and moist cake. From a company of 20 employees in 1962, Eti has grown into one of Turkey’s largest food producers, exporting nearly 300 products under 45 brand names around the world.


Grand Foods has been a proud distributor of Eti products since 1994.


The Difference Between Topkeks, Popkeks & Paykeks



Topkeks are light Turkish muffins in different flavours. The individually wrapped muffins are a great addition to a lunchbox as a snack.



Popkeks are a heavier-style muffin with a milk chocolate top and flavoured filling in the centre. They make a nice dessert for after a meal and come individually wrapped. Available in banana and chocolate flavour. There are also mini popkeks that are much smaller.



Paykeks are bigger and are more suitable to serving guests as well as yourself for morning or afternoon tea. They come in a loaf style and are shaped to indicate portion slicing. They are best served with tea or coffee.

About Tutku


If you haven’t tried Tutku, be prepared to get addicted! Tutku are interesting pinwheel coloured biscuits with a chocolate hazelnut filling, which tastes similar to Nutella. Kids love them. Adults crave them. They look great on a plate for morning or afternoon tea. And best of all, they are quite affordable, as well as being cute.



Eti’s Contribution To The Turkish Community

Eti has carried out numerous social responsibility projects in the local community throughout its history.


Some of these include:


Education for 1000s of young people at the Hacı Ahmet Kanatlı Anatolian High School opened by Eti Honorary President Firuz Kanatlı

The Eti Children’s Ferry which provides a week of training per year to 300 children protected by Social Services and the Child Protection Agency.

4,000 Turkish children trained as Turkish Cultural Ambassadors in the next 5 years to protect Turkish cultural and social values that are on the verge of being forgotten.

The Castle Lighting Project that provides exterior lighting at the Rumeli and Anatolian Castles for five years.


Free plays for over 1 million children with the Eti Childrens Theatre.

Teaming up with the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) to focus on the preservation of water resources with the Konya Basin Modern Irrigation Project, helping grain farmers with struggling with drought in the region

For more information:

Click here to visit the Eti website


Where To Find Eti Products


Eti products can be found in many selected stores and supermarkets, including Coles, IGA and Woolworths.

Eti products currently available at Grand Foods include:

Eti Banana Baby Biscuits
Eti Benim’O Marshmallow Biscuits
Eti Biscotte Toast (No Salt)
Eti Biscotte Toast Regular
Eti Burcak Biscuits
Eti Cocoa Petit Beurre Tea Biscuits
Eti Finger Biscuits
Eti Fish Shaped Crackers
Eti Kombo Biscuits
Eti Kremali Sand Biscuits
Eti Magnus Strawberry Chocolate Rollers
Eti Orange Glazed Biscuits
Eti Paykek Chocolate Cake
Eti Paykek Fruit Cake
Eti Paykek Marble Cake
Eti Plain Baby Biscuits
Eti Popkek - Banana
Eti Popkek - Chocolate
Eti Popkek - Mini Chocolate
Eti Pretzel Sticks
Eti Puf Chocolate Marshmallow Biscuits
Eti Puf Sprinkles Marshmallow Biscuits
Eti Puf Strawberry Marshmallow Biscuits
Eti Round Pretzel Crackers
Eti Sesame Sticks
Eti Tamdabu Chocolate Biscuits
Eti Tea Biscuits
Eti Topkek - Chocolate
Eti Topkek - Fruit
Eti Topkek - Hazelnut Choc
Eti Tutku Biscuits
Eti Wheat Biscuits (Digestive)