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Oct 09

Grand Foods Sponsors Solar Car

Posted on Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Grand Foods is sponsoring the Solaris team in the World Solar Challenge Solar Car Competition, a biennial event which started on Sunday 6 October 2013 in Darwin. 38 Solar cars hit the highway in a 3000km race across Australia and competing teams from 22 countries around the world gathered before sunrise to capture the first rays of solar energy.


The Solaris Car in outback Australia.

With a 20 year history, the Solar Car Competition highlights a mainstream shift towards a sustainable alternative to petrol-powered cars. Some cars weigh as little as 150kg without their driver, and the cars are judged on speed and practicality as they race through outback Australia in harsh conditions.




The Solar Car Competition finished in Adelaide on 13 October 2013.



The Grand Foods logo on the Solaris Solar Car.




The Solaris Car at the finish line in Adelaide.

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