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Apr 17

Solen - Pioneering For Chocolate Lovers

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014

Grand Foods is proud to be the sole importer of Solen products in Australia. Our national distribution channels include Australia’s major supermarkets (Coles and Woolworths) and Solen products can also be found at ethnic food markets, ethnic shops, continental delis and other Mediterranean grocery stores. Our range of Solen chocolates, lollies and biscuits include something for everyone – from beautifully presented gift boxed chocolates to the Ozmo chocolate snack range for kids and handy snack packs for work and home.


Solen Kids Ozmo Range


The Ozmo range of Solen chocolate snacks taste great and are fun for kids! They are the right size for little tummies and the brightly coloured packaging makes it feel like a special treat. The Ozmo Surprise Egg contains a small toy inside it, while the Ozmo Cornet Drager looks like a mini ice cream cone. Hoxi Poxi and Hoppo biscuits are perfect for school or travelling snacks and Ozmo Chocolate Lollipops are ideal for children’s parties and sharing with friends.




There is also a website where children can go play some very exciting games for free at:


Solen Ozmo Egg TVC from Ulkutay Creative on Vimeo.


Solen Chocolate Gift Boxes


Grand Foods stocks a range of Solen gift boxed chocolates that come in handy for special occasions or even just to say "I love you". There’s Hazelnut, Milk and Dark chocolate to choose from, as well as the delectable Diamond Hazelnut Chocolates. Treat your friends or family for Bayram or birthdays with chocolate they’ll adore!




Solen Chocolate Snacks


Solen chocolate snacks for adults include the Biscolata range of biscuit sticks for light snacks and the Luppo Milk Chocolate Coated Cocoa Cake with Marshmallow, for adults who like a light chocolate cake for morning tea.




Solen Lollies


Solen’s soft filled fruit lollies are an all round popular favourite with everyone, while the fruit jelly candies have very well defined flavours.




History Of Solen


Solen is a major Turkish confectionery producer of chocolate, chocolate covered snacks, cookies, bars, chewing gum, candy and cakes. Solen products are of an outstanding quality and are highly popular among children and adults, both in Turkey and around the world. With exports to over 90 countries, Solen offers over 200 different types of products and is one of the fastest growing companies in Turkey today.


The Solen company was founded in 1989 by the Coban Family. The initial core values of innovation, quality and uniqueness remain fundamental to Solen’s success on the world stage and Solen has rapidly risen as an ISO 500 company (one of Turkey’s Top 500 industrial enterprises). Solen is now Turkey’s top chocolate exporter, investing in brands in more than 15 countries.


Solen has four production facilities in Turkey and 1500 employees, and is certified in ISO certification for Quality Management and Food Safety Management. In the future, Solen will continue to pioneer new products to many worldwide customers and provide quality with value.


Solen products available through Grand Foods include:


Luppo Milk Chocolate Coated Cocoa Cake With Marshmallow

Ozmo Chocolate Lollipops

Ozmo Cornet Chocolate Drager

Ozmo Surprise Egg

Ozmo Hoppo Biscuits

Ozmo Hoxi Poxi Biscuit Sticks

Solen Biscuit Sticks

Solen Chocolate & Hazelnut Sticks

Solen Dark Chocolate

Solen Diamond Hazelnut Chocolate

Solen Fruit Flavoured Lollies

Solen Fruit Jelly Candy

Solen Linda Caramel Chocolate

Solen Soft Filled Fruit Lollies

Solen Vital Chocolate

Solen Vital Hazelnut Chocolate