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Feb 04

Staying Healthy With Tamek

Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tamek is one of the leading brands in Turkish food and was founded in 1955. Using German technology to produce canned and ready-to-eat food during the 1950s, when there was none in Turkey, Tamek continued its tradition of producing popular Turkish canned food, preserves and fruit juices that are widely consumed today.



Tamek Strawberry Jam is ideal as a breakfast spread and as a dessert flavouring.


Additive Free Food


Tamek offers foods that are high in nutrition and the foods produced are additive free, making them a desirable and healthy alternative to other products. The flavours are uniquely Turkish and come in a huge variety that will complement your existing pantry.



Tamek Stuffed Green Peppers are a delightful side dish to compliment a main meal.


Tamek fruit juices are excellent for strengthening the immune system and maintaining a proper water balance in the body. Tamek preserved vegetables are often used as garnishes and side dishes, while Tamek jams can be used as breakfast spreads and natural dessert flavourings. There is also a diabetic range of jams offered by Tamek.




Tamek Sour Cherry Juice is a popular, refreshing juice that is perfect all year round.


Tamek Values & Principles


From the Tamek website:


‘TAMEK keeps the principle "health and quality comes first" in its mind from the production phase to the sale. The best quality vegetables and fruits are chosen and purchased by our Agriculture Purchasing Department after all the necessary research is completed all over Turkey. After being processed, these vegetables and fruits are transferred to Karacabey, Salihli, Kızıksa factories where the production of vegetable and fruit extract takes place. TAMEK supplies the raw materials in the face of some certain procedures and international standards with the aim of preventing GM Foods and the materials dangerous to human health. In TAMEK products, no additives or colorants are used and they are free from citric acid.’


Click here to visit the Tamek website in English
Click here to visit the Tamek website in Turkish


A Famous Tamek TV Commercial



Tamek products available at Grand Foods:


Apple Juice
Apricot Jam
Apricot Juice
Black Cherry Jam
Blood Orange & Pomegranate Juice
Canned Boiled Borlotti Beans
Canned Boiled Chickpeas
Canned Boiled Green Beans
Canned Boiled Mixed Vegetables
Canned Boiled Okra
Canned Boiled Peas
Canned Boiled White Beans
Canned Cooked Green Beans In Olive Oil
Canned Cooked Pinto Beans
Canned Cooked White Beans
Canned Fried Eggplant
Canned Stuffed Cabbage
Canned Stuffed Eggplant
Canned Stuffed Green Peppers
Canned Stuffed Vine Leaves
Breakfast Hazel & Walnut Sauce (Hot)
Breakfast Hazel & Walnut Sauce (Mild)
Fig Jam
Hot Tabasco Sauce
Mango Juice
Mixed Fruit Jam
Mixed Fruit Juice
Orange Jam
Palace Sherbert Juice
Peach Juice
Pepper Paste (Hot)
Pepper Paste (Mild)
Pickled Gherkins
Pomegranate Juice
Quince Jam
Raspberry Jam
Roasted Eggplant
Rose Jam
Sour Cherry Jam
Sour Cherry Juice
Strawberry Jam
Tomato Juice
Tomato Paste
Tomato Sauce