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Jan 16

Turkish Delights, Sweets & Treats With Koska

Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turkish confectionery is based on flavoured, light sweets that fulfil sugar cravings well. The way that these types of confectionery are made means that they contain trace vitamins and minerals retained from the production process, unlike the mainstream artificially sweetened lollies. Turkish food is often about promoting good health while preserving traditional recipes that have served people for centuries.


Turkish Delight


Koska's Turkish Delight, also known as lokum, is a type of soft confectionery made from sugar and starch, cut into cubes and dusted with icing sugar or powdered cream of tartar to prevent sticking. Old fashioned flavours such as rosewater (red), Bergamot orange (green) or lemon (yellow) can be added to the gel. However, these days, the Turkish Delight from Koska (Merter) comes in a huge range of flavours, from chocolate coated orange and lemon flavour to Coconut Pistachio Nut and many more!


The premium varieties of Turkish Delight include chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts and other dried fruits and nuts mixed in. Turkish Delight was invented by Bekir Effendi, who opened a confectionery shop in Istanbul in 1776.


Turkish Delight from Koska.




Helva (also known as halva) is a sweet confectionery found in many countries around the world. It is made by grinding tahini (crushed sesame seeds) to a paste, then mixing it with a boiled sugar syrup to a nougat consistency. When preparing helva, the quality can be determined by kneading the nougat with tahini using traditional methods, then the helva is molded, matured and packed.


Helva stores well at room temperature and has a very light fairy-flossy type texture in the mouth. Koska's helva has a rich nutritional content from the tahini, giving you protein, calcium, phosphate and Vitamin E. The sesame seeds are also rich in omega 3 which is good for a healthy heart. Since helva has a high energy content, it is preferred especially by growing children, sportspeople and people with physically challenging careers.


Grand Foods has many flavours of ready-to-eat helva from the Koska Merter brand.


Koska's delicious pistachio and cocoa helva - made with nutritional sesame seeds.




Molasses (also known as treacle) is a strong, sweet syrup made by boiling the juice of plants. The more times the juice is boiled, the more crystallised sugar can be removed, leaving behind a strong flavour. The best molasses are those that have been boiled three times (known as “blackstrap molasses”) and have far less sugar, but contain traces of vitamins and minerals. Blackstrap molasses are often sold in health shops and can be a good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.


There are many ways to use molasses in cooking - mix molasses with tahin or yoghurt and dip bread in it to taste, or use it in salads, baked goods and desserts.


Molasses come in a wide range of flavours, from prune to apricot. Grand Foods stocks the main three Turkish molasses from Koska Merter which are carob, mulberry and grape. We also stock a pomegranate syrup which is similar to molasses.


Serving suggestion of tahini and molasses, courtesy of Koska.


About Koska (Merter)


The first Koska shop opened in Istanbul in 1930 with Halil Ibrahim Adil Dindar and became famous for its unique tasting halva and desserts. Production of produce, jam and nougats started at the Topkapi factory in 1974 and brothers Mumtaz and Nevzat increased the variety and quality of the range until Koska moved to larger premises in 1998.


Koska manufactures halva, tahini, molasses, honey, wafers, pismanje, spreads, croquant, marzipan, jam, Turkish delight and traditional Turkish desserts. With successful food technology, natural sweeteners were incorporated into the food production process, allowing for a “lighter” product, suitable for diabetics and those wanting healthier sweets. There are also sugar-free products too. Koska Merter products are Halal certified, vegetarian (no animal products are used in production) and kosher certified.


Click here to visit the Koska Merter website




Tasting Turkish Delight in Istanbul



Koska products available at Grand Foods:


Candied Chestnuts
Carob (Harnup) Molasses
Chocolate Helva
Chocolate Diabetic Helva
Grape Molasses
Hazelnut Turkish Delight
Kurek Chocolate & Pistachio Helva
Mixed Flavours Turkish Delight
Mixed Nut Turkish Delight
Mulberry Molasses
Pistachio Helva
Pistachio Diabetic Helva
Pistachio Turkish Delight
Plain Helva
Plain Diabetic Helva
Rose Turkish Delight
Tahini Spread
Tahini & Grape Molasses
Walnut Turkish Delight