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Mar 03

Uludağ - Australia’s Coolest Beverages

Posted on Monday, March 03, 2014

Uludağ Beverage is a very popular Turkish company, well known for its exciting range of natural mineral waters with delicious flavours. Focusing on healthy products, social responsibility and environmental awareness, Uludağ is a company that cares about the health of its customers, the wellbeing of its employees (and their communities) and the environmental impact of its packaging.


Uludağ exports to 40 countries on 5 continents and Grand Foods is the sole importer and distributor of Uludağ in Australia. Uludağ  beverages are now widely available in selected Coles, Woolworths and many other independent supermarkets nationwide.



The famous Uludag mountain in Bursa Province, Turkey, which is a popular national park for winter sports and from which the company is named.



Uludağ  Natural Mineral Water


Uludağ sparkling natural mineral water has been bottled in Çaybaşı Village since 1912, and continues to be a popular beverage today. The water is formed naturally deep in the Earth and contains minerals and natural carbon dioxide. There is no contamination risk from this type of water as it forms under special geological conditions and is extracted through technological methods.


Uludağ natural mineral water provides calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, fluoride and potassium for the body, while containing a low pH level to assist the kidneys and urinary system. Natural mineral water is different to soda water because soda water is an artificial beverage made by adding carbon dioxide to distilled and chemically processed water



Uludag Natural Mineral Water offers great health benefits with its minerals!




Uludağ Frutti


Based on the great taste and mineral content of Uludağ Natural Mineral Water, the Frutti range contains various delicious flavours, including Lemon, Strawberry, Apple, Peach, Sour Cherry and Watermelon and Strawberry.


There is no fructose (corn syrup) in any Uludağ products, even though fructose is a cheaper ingredient. Uludağ believes in producing high quality products that are healthier for the human body and uses sucrose derived from sugar beet or sugar cane.






Uludağ Gazoz


Gazoz is one of the most popular Uludağ beverages in Australia and has a unique, refreshing taste that will have you coming back for more! Available in Efsane and Orange flavours, there is also a sugar free variety for people who are on a diet or who cannot consume sugary products.


Orange Gazoz contains a 4% orange juice concentrate, while the Efsane Gazoz ingredient is a family secret guarded by Uludağ for four generations.





Uludağ Limonata


Turkish people love Limonata because it has a delicious homemade flavour. The colour of this beverage is derived from adding 100% natural safflower, which is one of humanity’s oldest grown crops.


Safflower was safely and traditionally used for many centuries for dyeing food, medicines and clothing before the invention of cheaper, artificial colouring agents. It was also used as a substitute to saffron in cooking.



Uludag Limonata, from the Uludag commercial "Goes Well With Everything - Grill".



History Of Uludağ


The Uludağ company (Erbak-Uludağ İçecek A.Ş.) was established by Mehmet Hakkı (Erbak) in 1930 in Turkey, while the formula for the Legendary Uludağ Gazoz was created by Mehmet Hakkı's son, Nuri Zafer Erbak. Currently Uludağ is managed by Nuri Erbak’s children and grandchildren.


Quality and innovation are key to Uludağ’s success, with hundreds of taste tests conducted for any new product to find the best flavour for the target audience. With over 80 years as a corporate entity in Turkey, Uludağ values the creation of quality, healthy products for its consumers and promotes social and environmental awareness.


As one of the founders of the Çevko Environmental Protection Foundation, Uludağ takes care to prevent environmental harm from its beverage packaging by working with suppliers to ensure that packaging is collected and recycled.


Uludağ is a large employer of Turkish people and assists employees in understanding the wishes and expectations of consumers so that they can meet and exceed expectations in efficient ways. Food safety and continuous quality management are achieved with team spirit and employee education and awareness.



The Uludag plant in Yenice village.   



Social Responsibility


Uludağ gives back to the community by supporting students through scholarships at Nuri Erbak Elementary School and Nuri Erbak Anatolian High School and funding arts and sport clubs.


Other social responsibility projects include support for:


  • The İnegöl Soccer Team,
  • Yenice Boys' Dormitory
  • The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family and Social Politics' Life without Disabilities Living
  • Treatment, Rehabilitation and Consultancy Center
  • Çaybaşı Elementary School
  • Bursa Philharmonic Association
  • The Bursa Regional National Symphony Orchestra
  • Bursa Foundation for Culture, Arts and Tourism
  • Çevko Environmental Protection Foundation


Visit the Uludağ website



Uludağ products available through Grand Foods include:


  • Uludağ Orange
  • Uludağ Lemonade
  • Uludağ Efsane Sugar Free
  • Uludağ Mineral Water
  • Uludağ Lemon Mineral Water (Frutti)
  • Uludağ Strawberry Mineral Water (Frutti)
  • Uludağ Apple Mineral Water (Frutti)
  • Uludağ Peach Mineral Water (Frutti)
  • Uludağ Sour Cherry Mineral Water (Frutti)
  • Uludağ Watermelong & Strawberry Mineral Water (Frutti)