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Coles, Woolworths, IGA & Independent Stores


These displays were created by our sales team for different supermarkets.



Eti tea biscuit and Popkek mini cake towers are a common sight in stores across Australia. These popular products are very versatile – the Eti tea biscuits are made with premium farm fresh milk, and can be served with hot or cold beverages as well as being used to make desserts and cakes. The Popkeks are sweet little Turkish muffins with a milk chocolate top and flavoured syrup center. Both products come in individually wrapped portions to enhance freshness.


Perfect for kids, the Ozmo Chocolate Egg is a special surprise and has a cute little toy that children can build after they’ve finished eating the egg. A good Easter product!  


Children love to eat ice cream and the Ozmo Cornet Chocolate Drager  is better than the real thing, because it’s smaller, makes less mess and has colourful chocolate buttons! Ozmo Chocolate Dragers work well as birthday or lolly bag treats or even as a shopping reward at the checkout or basket collection area.



Candy Lover’s drinking fruit jelly cups make colourful displays and are crowd pleasers with both children and adults all year round. They are often purchased as special treats and lunchbox fillers and are kosher and halal certified.



The Tamek juice range makes impressive end-of-aisle displays in supermarkets. Tamek juices offer lots of nutrients and a high level of antioxidants for a healthy body. With a minimum 30-50% of fruit content and no additives, Tamek is the ideal pantry juice.



Stores are also stocking Tamek’s great tasting mayonnaise from Grand Foods, which is perfect for summer salads, sandwiches, burgers, BBQs and more and comes in a handy squeeze bottle for easy use - this product appeals well when placed near a meat section. Tamek offers foods that are high in nutrition and are additive free, making them a desirable alternative.


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