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Sigara Borek

20 minutes

4 Servings

Sigara Borek


To prepare the filling, finely chop the parsley leaves you have picked. Mix the chopped parsley, fetta cheese and salt by crushing it with the help of a fork.Aly triangle pastry sheet lay it on the table and put the mixture on the large part of the Aly triangle pastry sheets and wrap it. But leave the end slightly exposed. Dip the end of the aly triangle pastry sheets slightly in water and wrap it, so that the aly triangle pastry sheets will not open while cooking in oil. Repeat the wrapping process for all the remaining aly triangle pastry sheets.Heat the sunflower oil well in a medium deep skillet or frying pan. Place 5-6 fritters at a time in the oil to fry, checking by gently rolling them as they fry. They will be cooked on both sides within 6-7 minutes in total. Gently shake off the excess oil while taking the fried pastries with tongs. If you wish, place them on a paper towel and serve hot. Bon Appetit!


2 aly triangle pastry sheets
For the filling:
200-250 grams of fetta cheese
1/2 bunch sorted parsley
1 teaspoon salt
For frying:
1 water glass sunflower oil

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